The Sepia Order

Dear Aelise,

We met a pilgrim on her way on our second day of travelling. Her name was Polema Stratos, from the land of the Bracs to the West. She was dressed in a brown travelling cloak, which is traditional to that of the Sepia Order and carried a small pack that supposedly contained all the necessities that she needed.

Polema is about a head shorter than me, had a pleasant light voice, and was a ferocious talker. I later found that she was travelling towards Estellion, north-east of the Twin Cities to a particular spot of land. The Sepia Order particularly venerates it because one of the seven relics created by their founder is housed there in a temple. If you want to know more, you can ask your mother. She would be familiar with the Sepia Order.






p.s. Polema sends her greetings to your mother.

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