Dropwoods vegetation

To: Professor Lomra Declio Filicila de Messitala

La Visura University

Department of Natural Studies

Dear Professor,

You requested that I send you a report of the vegetation of the Dropwood forests when I got a chance to visit the area, and I recently had the chance to visit the Dropwood region.

Much of the information that you find below is due to the assistance of an experienced Dropwood ranger and a dear friend of mine, Jee’ra. Since a description by words would be too long, I have included a sketch with annotations of the parts that you’d find interesting. In this letter also contains to Dropwood tree leaves of the trees before and after the fault respectively. I believe that you’d find the minor differences between the leaves rather interesting. In case they were lost in transit, I have also included some charcoal sketches of the leaves, with exaggerated features that indicates that the Droopwood trees are not as similar as we might think they are.




makkre-leaf-Resized copy

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