Out of the Federation!

Dear Aelise,

Unfortunately, my first foray into the Varishah lands was a disaster. Don’t ever sneak across a river guarded nervously by both sides at midnight. They thought I was a spy, and dragged me off to their prison (rather unique design I must say).

Interestingly enough, they do have people called, or titled the Oathbreakers. These are men and women who have committed heinous crimes, but yet are given a chance to absolve them. The punishments for these offenses would usually be death or a long term of imprisonment on Esotre’s side of the border. The Oathbreakers retain their lives, granted to them by the mercy of Kayes, but they lose everything else. In redeeming themselves, they must cut off all ties to their previous lives. Everything, from their property, wealth (or lack of it), blood ties, even their names are given up once they join the Oathbreakers. They will never regain their identities, but are instead given new ones once they have proven themselves worthy of a second life.

The Oathbreakers themselves as a whole are a stoic, silent people. They do not speak much, and when they do, it is in short sentences. You can imagine how long I was in the prison to have teased out these much from people who are sparing even with their grunts. I shall write more once I get to a better surface than this jerky oxen-cart.


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