Dear Aelise,

What a pity! The moons were beautiful that night, two bathed in eerie red and one in cool luminescent blue. Tat was also mesmerised by it too, and we watched the moon for a long night. Actually, these are just natural events and there is nothing to fear from it. No matter, the Triangle will come again and I am confident that you will be able to watch it the next time.

The town of Ledham is rather unremarkable, but has the distinctive markings of a frontier town. There is a ditch outside its crude palisade lined with spikes and the townsfolk look upon any new traveller with suspicion. Without any friends that can introduce you to the townsfolk, you’d find that getting anything done takes a long time here. Not that the people are lazy, mind, but rather, are just generally… suspicious of your motives and would watch before doing anything.

Luckily, I have a few friends here, in particular the innkeep, whom in a rather colourful fellow by the name of Hane G’Eshere. Perhaps when you pass through this town you could mention my name, and hear the stories that he has to tell of huge packs of wandering wolves, raging raids and the assorted ghosts that live incidentally just out of town. Of course, he is usually the hero of these stories, being there himself in all circumstances. I invite you to explore what he has seen and heard over the years if you ever pass this area by. No doubt, it should prove to be very exciting.

Also, with my next letter, you will see a note addressed to your mother, do make sure that she gets it.







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