Dear Aelise,

I was informed that the Varishah port I was heading towards was currently under blockade by Sotran forces. I had to drop off at a nearby fishing village and head on towards Varish lands on foot. Besides, Tat doesn’t take too well to the Inner Sea, the two times I tried to get him out of my satchel was rebuffed by sharp bites on my fingers. Well apart from having observed nothing of note, that is also partially the reason why this letter is rather short. I will write more when my fingers heal.

Meanwhile, I will be stopping in the small town of Ledham just before the Sotran border for a week or two. If you wish, you can write to me there at the Sniffing Hound.





p.s. Do watch the skies on the night on fifth of Soressin. The three moons should line up in a perfect triangle. There are some who regard this phenomenon as a sign of evil, as in the Lyri lands, but yet amongst the Ard-Ru, it is a good sign for beginnings and enterprise.

6-Fishing Village

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