The Sea

Dear Aelise,

You might get all of my next two letters together, since for obvious reasons I was unable to send them when out on the sea. I don’t suppose that you have seen the sea before. Not many inhabitants of Eclisse have, since the Inner Sea only borders a small portion of our lands. But I am excited by the change that I have seen here since the Invasion.

Before, there were only lone ships wandering in a vast expanse of water, stretching in all directions, but now, each day, we sight perhaps two other ships in the distance, travelling to far flung lands of the South for trade or for other enterprises.

The captain of the ship tells me that a few years after the formation of the Varishah Federation, trade has increased dramatically the sea is now crowded with ships. Of course, with more ships, come more pirates and corsairs. I do hope that we do not meet with another ship of that purpose.

Now, speaking of the Varishah, one of my reasons for setting out on this journey is to catch a glimpse of the reclusive ‘rat men’ that has seemed to capture the popular imagination, at least in the Academy. I’ve tried to imagine and sketch what the rat men may possibly look like from the little I’ve heard of them. As you can tell, I am quite excited about seeing them. Their physiology from living in the swamps must be greatly different from ours.




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