The Lighthouse

Dear Aelise,

It was a very sweet letter you sent me. I thank you for it.

I visited the lighthouse five days ago, with rain on the second night here scuppering my original plan. The lighthouse is about four stories tall, with a narrow spiral stairwell that widens out as one goes higher up the tower. The keeper of the lighthouse is a young man named Jorge T’Oreau, who aspires to be an architect and to build one of the tallest lighthouses in Esotre. He says that he was brought up in the lighthouse with his whole family, but his parents died in a terrible tragedy when part of the lighthouse collapsed during a powerful gale. He was just twelve then, and credits his subsequent upbringing to his elder brother, who now resides in Estellion. I gather that they still send letters from time to time, but recently, he has yet to hear from his brother. After a short conversation about the history of the town, I left the aspiring architect to his duties and went back to town. The rest of my visit was uneventful, and I managed to obtain a passage on the Flying Gulle to the port of Aquarus Tlutum, originally Tellion, but controlled by the Varishah today after the uprising of the Faiths.


The Lighthouse1

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