A funny story

Dear Aelise,

Mercifully, they have received the mechanism. I do not think it is out of mercy though. I think it might be because it might work on someone else. A man was dragged past my cell this morning. I think he was sobbing, but I couldn’t tell, because he was murmuring something about birds. Birds. It seems like an eternity since I last saw them. Chicken. The food here is plain beyond measure. I do not know if it is my tongue that has been numbed by some drug in the food or it is really so tasteless to the point of being an art form.

The lack of sensation is interesting. I have to touch the ground from time to time to remind myself that it still exists. But writing to you might have slowed the process. Men come and go, but I am still here and the Crowseers do not bother me. I wonder why. Are they scared of me? Are they hoping that they will get something else out of me? Perhaps I know a password?

So where did I leave off the last time. Ah yes. The Quiet Years. Yes. After the Quiet Years, there came war of course. The Varishah attacked the Tellions, the Tellions attacked the Witts plains, and the Gorgons attacked everyone in an attempt to hold their dwindling territory. It was a very turbulent time on the borders. A village could change nationalities three times in a month. But I don’t think it mattered, because by that time, there would have been very little of that village left anyway.

All of this was hearsay for me though. I headed back to the Academy that year to write down the sights of my travelling, as well as to see my old friends back at the Academy. But it didn’t last long. Well, I did not really tell you why I left did I? There was another reason. You see, my friend, Cyril of the Academy made a rather interesting flying toy, which I took without really asking for his permission. It is a device that is about the size of your palm, and it has a propeller on its top. There is also a control rod which allows you to direct it around; and a red button on the rod. I wasn’t sure what it was for, so I just ignored it and flew the device around my room for some time. But I was rather intrigued by the red button, so I tried pressing it sometime later. One moment I was looking at the device, and the next I appeared to be looking at the clouds. I remember seeing a bunny in the clouds.

I think it was an explosive. Well, I heard the East Wing collapse before I fainted, and I am quite sure that a hole in its centre did not belong there the day before. When I next woke, there was a big commotion, and so I decided to leave before any attention was paid to me. I think the East Wing should have been rebuilt now. It shouldn’t be too difficult. Anyway, the Explosives Department is located in the East Wing, so I don’t think it should be anything new for them. But then again, I’ve heard large bangs sometimes at night, but I’ve never actually seen the East Wing collapse before…


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