The war

Dear Aelise,

I have come to be resigned to the fact that the Empress will see every word that I write to you. At least that is what I believe. Really, the crowseers are rather innovative in designing new mechanisms. Each time I lean back I can feel the sharp prickling that feels exactly like an arrow-tip. I have been advised not to lie down on my back or hunch over too much. I hope they take this device off. Perhaps I can disarm it.

No. If I had a nail and a bit of string perhaps I could. So I have to wait I think, until they decide to remove it. Well, following the Sotran intervention, there was a period known as the Quiet Year. In this period lasting from approximately Eosin to Nox where there was very little activity along the borders. After nearly five years of fighting, the nations have all but depleted their resources. But it is still very true then that peace is a period in which preparation for war is made, the calm before the storm if you will. It is around this time that the Varishah Federation was formed, with a pact sealed with great pomp and ceremony between the former leaders of the Kaysan, the East Isle and the priestess of the Faiths, Saffiya.

I think it was about Primasin that the Twins really came into its own, as people began to gather at the Twins, and men tested in war, disgruntled by armies unwilling to pay them began forming into organised brigades available for hire. Naturally, the Gorgons became the greatest employers, and the Twins, instead of being a strategic point to squabble over, now had the military might to hold off any determined attacks by either of the nations. They would need this force in time.


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