Life in prison

Dear Aelise,

The first few days of prison here I don’t want to remember. I was brought from cell to cell. Once I think I heard the street. I know nothing, but your mother’s name was mentioned often. I hope you are safe. But eventually, they left me here. There is nothing much to write about from here in this tiny cell. We have nothing to do in any case. The boredom have driven some mad. They dragged a raving man past my cell this morning. Oh, the sweetness of hearing another human voice. I strain to hear the break in the silence daily, but they make sure there is none.

Now what would you know? You might be worried yes, why are these people looking for your mother. I must tell you that no, your mother has done no wrong. But these men are not mistaken either. Such is the world where good must hunt good because we tread the line where there is no right or wrong. There is only you and I. But I am distracted. To know why, you must know what has gone before. I will tell you now.

You know of the invasion and the rise of the Empress yes? Well, I will then tell you the story from the time when the Tellions marched to East Isle. Well, I was searching for the legendary chalice of Al Bruga – which turns wine into ale – in the Finn Eyrie then, while at the same time there was growing discontent in the Twin Cities. Men were housed in the city as the army in the South was fed and reinforced, far beyond its limit, and when you put too many men together with nothing to do, trouble brews. Later, I heard that the number of thefts, fights, and murders in the streets increased. It was a terrible time and place to be in. The Tellion garrison turned a blind eye to it, and the violence grew.

It was then that Dame Galea decided to pick up where the Tellions left off. There are differing accounts of the uprising in the Twins when the Tellions decided that they had enough. Some say that it was in the spring of 1276AE, some say that it was in winter when Dame Galea got together with her trusted associates and reformed the Gorgons. But so it was in that periods that the Gorgons made their presence known, and the following spring, the Gorgons drove the Tellions out of the Twins and Dame Galea declared the Twins as an independent state. The people then conferred upon her the role of being the mistress of the Twins.

Such was the formation of the Twins. It is hard to believe how such a uprising could have held off the Mark. Perhaps it is the fortified position of the Twins, and for the fact that the citizens of the second largest city in Estellion are willing to fight to the end to drive out the Imperial Mark, well… maybe that was why an immediate counterattack by the Tellions was held off. But had it been today, the Empress would not have done the same. From what I know, the retribution of the Empress is swift.


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