A prisoner

Aelise, it has been a long time. It was difficult to recover at first, but I think I am better now. There is nothing much to say about this tiny cell. There is not enough space to move properly, and down here, you can always smell the stink. I have decided to write to you again. It is better than writing to myself. It is difficult to tell after a while what I know and what I have made up. But if you tell someone else, then it becomes much clearer.

Where do I begin? Perhaps after my last letter is best. I don’t think what I write now would make a difference anyway. Well, I ventured out into the streets, looking for that mug of ale that I was looking for. I passed a procession of prisoners, fettered and shuffling along the street. People opened a way for them, not looking at them. I found out later that these were the condemned. They disappear into the Obsidian Perch and are never seen again. Sometimes they just disappear, sometimes they are marched around as an example. You can never tell.

You have never seen the Obsidian Perch before, and I only a glance. It is a black outcrop, set into the tallest tower within an imposing fortress which sit upon a hill that the Atium is built on. The walls of the fortress rises high above the rooftops of the city. Archers patrol its walls, and Earthshield veterans stand guard beside its massive iron doors. Unlike the Academy, these doors are opened by brute force, requiring the use of four ocaire rams to pull them open. The ocaire rams are native to the Canid Mountains, and them being in the Atium is a tale of its own.

The guards are coming.

Makk –

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