What time is it now? What day it is? How long have I been down here? I fear these questions might not be answered. The guards say nothing, they are silent, we have to be silent. The Empress, demands silence. I have seen her. Terrible, beautiful, scarred. Where was I? Yes, writing, so I won’t hear voices in my head. Not like that time in the Lyri cave. They give me paper, and I will write. Those that crack and begin to rave, those are the ones dragged away. We can hear the screaming even through the walls. I can hear them. I hope I’m not hearing things that are not there. This silence, surrounds us. There is nothing but the weight of complete silence. Even a silver of sound to break the silence is a gift. But they give me paper, and take it away at the end of the day. Perhaps they want me to write down what I know. Perhaps I will. But I will write.

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