Fear in Atium

Dear Aelise,

The city of Atium is quiet, far too quiet for my liking. The marketplace should be loud enough to drown out everything else, but all I hear are hushed whispers as people negotiate their deals. I found my reason though. There was a decree, prominently displayed, that the punishment for speaking too loud is hanging, and to make the point clear, there is a dried body swaying above the decree. Perhaps it might not have been a good idea to come into the Atium. Gavrael appears to be making a fine trade though, and he is the only one I see daily that has a smile.

Perhaps it’s the lack of taverns. I hear that all taverns were shut down by the decree issued last week. Some people hope that it is just a passing mood of the Obsidian Perch. I hope so too. I am too thirsty to write on further, and I think that I’ll go out again, just to see if there might be one or two illicit taverns that are still operating in the city.


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