A mysterious device

Immediate Attention: Specialist Joanne Badehide

Special Materials and Effects Department

East Wing, Room 4C

Dear Joanne,

I have come across a pass that appears to be utilised by the Tellions to grant access to the Atium, but it has some effects that I wish to bring to your attention. The pass itself is made of a greyish metal that is smoothened to a dull shine. It appears to react to the magic that the theurgists use, and it unlocks in their hand to reveal a folded document within. It does not seem to have any relation to any Sotran material that I have seen before, although it is very close to its make and seems to be mechanical in nature, although I am very sure that magic is involved. Perhaps they have discovered a way to charge materials too? It is highly unlikely, but very unsettling to me. I have sent you a sketch of the device. Perhaps you will find some explanation for this artefact.






12 - Pass

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