A close call

Dear Aelise,

They are gone. I don’t hear them. It was a lucky escape. We came across a patrol on the road. Usually, murmuring a greeting with a bowed head will be fine. I’ve seen the Tellions do it. It was not supposed to be a problem. But I think there was something wrong about my pronunciation. Interestingly did you know that the Tellion word for fool sounds very much like Captain? I think that was why the young man suddenly grew so enraged. They ordered me to stop and searched through my belongings. Do you remember that I told you that I brought along my cloak? Well, it wasn’t a very good idea. It is not a usual one. Not many would recognise it unless you had been through Esotre’s military. It was a souvenir from a corps that is never seen by the enemy until they are slain. But one of the men must have been back from the wars. They passed it around for inspection, and then one yelled ‘Greyjacket!’.

I took that for my cue to punch the captain on the jaw. It stunned him long enough for me to retrieve my cloak, and of course I took to my legs.

Let me tell you that while I might not be a good shot with a gun, I have been well trained in getting away. In fact, I take much pride in my ability to run away. Trying to get away from a spurned Skymage mounted on a hawk-griffin while running uphill is the ultimate test of one’s sense of survival. If you survive that experience, you can get away from anything. It wasn’t so difficult to get away from the Tellion patrol while they bumbled and smashed through the woods. It has been some time since I last saw them. I shall venture onto the road again.


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