Tat and the snake

Dear Aelise,

A snake got into my bed two nights before, and it proved that bringing Tat along wasn’t such a bad idea anyway. The snake was not a big fellow, about the length of my arm. I think he was poisonous, because there were two pronounced fangs when I checked. But either way. I was not in much danger. Tat made straight for the snake, dancing about it while I backed away slowly. The snake reared up, hissing, but it was then that Tat dashed in and struggled with the snake for a moment before gaining the upper hand and biting its neck.

The snake stopped moving after awhile, and I prodded and smacked it with the poker to make sure it was dead. It was and Tat looked really pleased with himself, and I think he swaggered a bit. Snake tastes like chicken, but since it was poisonous, I didn’t really want to cook it. I gave it to Tat, who brought it away somewhere into the bushes. I think he ate it.


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