Deeper into Tellion territory

Dear Aelise,

As we walk on, we hear more stories of a beautiful and terrible Empress who stalks the halls of the Obsidian Perch, issuing armies from her throne to ravage the world. And looking all around, I can believe these stories. When I ask, people are generally shocked, or refuse to answer my questions about the Empress. Usually I am dismissed with curses along the lines of ‘Crows get you.’ I hear they refer to ghost-like men who can transform at will into black large crows, but no one has seen them. Perhaps it is an old tale told to children. It is interesting that nearly all cultures do have some sort of mythological creature whose sole purpose is to steal children away. The Ravens have the Warches, the Ardites have their vultures, and we have our Trunkman. I will investigate this further.

Now I rest on the side of the road where it is the only thing that is human in the grassland that surrounds me. The swaying grass here grows to your knees and if you are not careful, it is rather easy to step into a ditch or an open hole in the ground. I have not done that, although I passed the bones of a horse that might have stumbled into one and broke its leg. I think its master killed it out of mercy for the poor thing. Sometimes, we are helpless to stop the pain of others, and the only way out might seem to be cruel, but perhaps it is also right.


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