Sigura Maxima

Dear Aelise,

I saw a very interesting plant by the road today. I very nearly touched it too. It is the Sigura Maxima, a vine that usually grows within the Lyri forests. I wonder what is it doing by the side of a Tellion road. It is much beloved plant amongst the Vren, and they buy it whenever they manage to scrape enough money together. What they do with it is that they add it to their wine, which induces a state of intense hallucinations of the most exciting kind. I have stolen a sip myself of the wine, although I would not recommend that you try it. The hallucinations vary from individual to individual. Amongst the ones I had was that I could fly. But the aftereffects of becoming sober is so depressing that many try to recover the experience by drinking more wine, or more of the same spiced wine. The problem is that it only ever works once. It is legendary to the story of how Vren was founded. A group of men sharing a flagon of wine with Sigura Maxima added is not unlikely, as well as the story of how they continued to drink afterwards to recover the lost dream. Perhaps I can tell you the story in full one day. It involves quite a bit of quaffing though. Your mother might not approve.

Sigura Maxima, when touched causes a bright red rash to form on the skin that lasts for a week. If consumed without the addition of Vren wine it usually causes violent twitching or the victim being petrified before being followed by death. Sigura Minima on the other hand looks very much like its poisonous cousin, but the plant itself is inedible, although its fruit is reputed to taste like raspberries.






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