The River Deverra

Dear Aelise,

Along the road up the main river that feeds into the Deverra, we passed the magnificent Aspertias. It is a series of rapids that leads down to the Twin Cities. The road passes alongside for a distance, and if you look down, you can see the water churned to white, frothing, hissing, and roaring like a wild animal trapped in a cage. The entire length of the river is splendid to behold for its activity and its surrounding beauty. The forests around the river have been left untouched, though it is mostly due to a decree passed years ago by some king who passed through this very same road, that whoever cut down the trees in this region along the river are to be punished by death. It seems that the decree still holds today.

10 - RapidsPerhaps you might be wondering now, then how do goods travel between the Atium and the Twin Cities? Well, they do, but the boats don’t. A town used to sit slightly further upstream before the rapids begin, and it made its living purely from servicing the river workers and the pack drivers that transported goods past the rapids and to the barges waiting downstream. But today, that town is gone, only a ghost of it remains as a village. The centre of town has shifted towards a new structure that has enabled barges to move both up and down the river, eliminating most of the town’s usefulness, but it appears that the town has continued to survive.


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