Out of the Twins

Dear Aelise,

Getting out of this city is harder than I expected. Beyond the highest North wall of the city one can spot the three encamped garrisons and their spirals of white smoke rising high above the horizon. Rumors tell of constant patrols on the roads on the outskirts of the Twin Cities, and of travellers accosted, sometimes robbed, sometimes disappearing. Nearly everyone I meet has heard of someone close being stopped by Tellion patrols on the road.

It is hard for me to believe that the face of the Empire has changed so much, and some tell darkly of a half-maddened Empress bowed over the throne in Atium. I do not believe too much of it, nor should you. The disputes of nations are far beyond me, but it does sound like an exciting story to see how Atium has changed, and perhaps, to see the face of this empress by my eyes. I have begun my preparations to leave, and I will not be able to write as readily, as I will have to find my trusted companions in a land which I fear has become hostile to me.

I shall write more when I complete my preparations.


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