Dame Galea

Dear Aelise,

What fortune, to meet someone that you have known once before by chance. His name is Bacilious Omera, a trader in wood products such as furniture and carvings. He was quite a big man when I last left him in the winter of 1268AE, him having a fondness for deep fried pork, a particular food that the Street of Small Traders is renowned for. He is bigger still today. That is a comforting sign that at least some within the city still prosper.

But he is concerned by the future of the city. Tellion trade was stopped two months back, and most traders in the city are feeling the pinch, since the Tellions control most of the waterways into the Twin Cities. The only way that the city has been able to survive is the Ardite trade through the Whitewaters, but Bacilious is worried that even this meager trade will be stopped. There is talk on the streets that negotiations are being carried out with the Ardite to keep the trade routes open, but most believe that negotiations will fall through.

While I hear Dame Galea is a fair and just ruler, she is unfortunately a little inexperienced in terms of the politics between the nations, but people hold her to be a paragon. After all, she did fight alongside the legendary Rook Harper to ward off the Kaysan before freeing the Twins from the grasp of the Tellions. A hero to the people of the Twins, but I feel, just as Bacilious feels (although he only mentioned this subtly) that the Twins need more than a hero if they are to survive the days ahead.


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