The Twin Cities!

Dear Aelise,

By the moons, how this place has changed since the last I set foot here. The Twin Cities are as beautiful as they were in my memory from afar, with the gleaming towers of white rising high over the river, but there are guards along the wharf dressed in a livery that I do not recognise. It must be true then, that the cities have risen for themselves. I disembarked, and was searched as I entered the city, and it took on a more different sight.

Where I remembered gleaming streets, now dirt edges the stones of the walkways. Beggars too, unseen in the Twin Cities of old, sit at corners with wooden bowls held out for the coppers that might fall within. From time to time I came upon a charred ruin of a house, all its blackened timbers still in their haphazard places.

A youth must have spotted me looking wonderingly about, for he asked if I had seen the Walkway. There was no such attraction before, and I thought that they might have built another bridge across the water, but they had not. Instead, the Walkway was a collapsed tower across one of the main thoroughfares of the city, and it now serves as an overhead short cut for people heading across the street. People and carts squeeze through the ruins below, and it can sometimes cause massive jams that take days to clear. But the city survives, and it still functions.

08 - Collapsed TowerNevertheless, the people still seem happy enough which I found strange, but the famed cordiality of the Twin Cities has not diminished it seems, even after the terrible war fought along its streets. I do hope you know of the battle for the Twin Cities, and if you do not, I urge you to ask your mother, it would be too long to describe here.

I will be taking residence at a nearby tavern soon, owned by an old friend. You’ll hear from me again soon enough.


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