More of Witton Hall

Dear Aelise,

This letter was written on a small table in a shop alongside the Witton dock. It is a short way from the walls of Witton Hall, although they are beginning to build walls around the dock that will eventually link it to the main Hall. I hear that this was because the Varishah forces cut off most of the supplies to the Hall by storming the bay years back, and it played a major role in causing the fall of the Hall.

The bay itself is actually a stretch of platforms built out over a particularly wide portion of the Whitewater river. Here barges sail down from the Ardite lands, bringing all sorts of goods to be traded at the hall. One product that is particularly valued is the milk of the highland cows that the Ardite keep. It is said to have some healing powers and is apparently good if one is having bowel problems.

Another well-known item that is produced in Estellion and found in Witton Hall is seared whitewater fish. Freshly caught, seared over charcoal, and served with a dash of spices, this dish is legendary in other parts of Estellion for its flavour and the particular tanginess of the flesh. I heard that it is considered a delicacy in the Atium, although one wonders how the fish can get from here to there without any spoilage.






06 - Fish Dish

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