Witton Hall

Dear Aelise,

This letter might reach you later than expected. I will be passing it along to a good friend of mine, Molla Istalius when he passes through Witton Hall.

Yes indeed, I am finally at Witton Hall! The Hall itself is large, not as large as Silvergate, but large enough to contain an entire regiment and its supporting town, and a large one it is too. A double arch greets you as you approach the hall, and far off, you can see Sotran soldiers patrolling the walls and looking down from the tall watchtowers that flank the entrance. A human tide pulses in and out of this heart of the region, for it was one of the seven Halls that encircled and protected the Estellion Empire of old from external threats, although now it belongs to Esotre.

Once inside the Hall, one is immediately greeted by a permanent marketplace that sells everything from clothes to freshly picked fruits from the fields of the Witts Plains. However, my particular interest is in the woodcraft that I can safely say to be the best in region. All wood craftsmen are situated in a particular district within the market, known as the Carver’s Way. There, the most exquisite of woodwork is on display, from tiny elaborate carvings of horses no larger than the tip of your little finger to functional furniture of various sizes. I bought a single cylinder of wood, and that is for Tat to prevent him from gnawing off the leg of my bed at the inn I stay at.

Another note: I parted with Polema when we reached the city, since that was where the crossroads split. I dare say I will miss her company.






05 - Witton Hall

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