Out of the Dropwoods

Dear Aelise,

I have forgotten how far down the bottom was. We had to walk up and up a circling flight of stairs all the way up. I had to take a break somewhere in the middle before continuing up. It was no problem for Tat though; he could run vertically up the trunk.

The top was some distance off the side of the Dropwoods, and we had to walk across a good number of rickety rope bridges. Under the canopy, the leaves grow densely and the air is almost still. A whole mix of lives are lived and died here, Jee’ra says. Some of the insects that are found in the canopy never descend to the ground, for there is everything they need there. Can you imagine? Your whole life only knowing branches, leaves and more branches? What of the mountain peaks? Waterfalls? A sea of flowing grasses. Ah, I guess I have begun to ache for other sights after being so long in the Dropwoods.






04 - Edge of Cliff

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