The Greens

Dear Aelise,

A week South, where the Greens lie. Unfortunately, it was quite uneventful throughout my journey south, but I did encounter an interesting improvisation by some youth of the Greens.

I was passing by a field when I heard the typical soft whirring of a Sotran Rath Platform. I was quite surprised at first, that a Rath should be active within the heart of Esotre, surely there was no danger here? I saw the outline of the Rath in the field from afar, but as it approached, it was unlike any tank that I have seen before. It must have been an abandoned junk that was dumped after the Invasion, and luckily, the crew had the foresight to remove all the dangerous equipment from the tank. However, its earth runes still worked, and it was able to float, so I suppose some boys slightly older than yourself managed to patch up the Rath.

Interestingly, they also made a few improvements that removed the front bottom of the tank and replaced it with sharp rotating scythes. They drove the Rath across the open field, cutting the wheat at a far faster rate than any team of men would have done, and with far more pleasure, judging by their laughter. It is a shame though that they turned a corner too fast and crashed into a stone wall. Luckily, no one was injured and went quickly back to tinkering with their machine again. I dare say that given their enthusiasm, the Rath will be floating in no time.

I have included a sketch below as I have seen it.



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