Lake Deep

Dear Aelise,

In the middle of the Dropwoods, there is an open lake, known as Lake Deep, that looks out to the sky. It is a welcome sight after the days of wandering beneath the patches of light and gloom that the tall Dropwood trees cast upon our lonely band of four three. The drop of blood that you see there is mine, from a wound bitten by Tat. It appears that he doesn’t take kindly to the feather of my quill tickling his nose.

The lake itself, to hear Jee’ra tell of it, is a small one. I think this is so, since I am able to spot the other side of the lake. However, its feature is that it is extremely deep, and the waters gradually transition from blue to a deep green in the middle. While the lake itself is rather fertile, with a thicket of plants growing right up to the water’s edge, it is not fit for drinking. Jee’ra says that it will cause a temporary bout of insanity due to the water’s content. Nevertheless, I obtained a small bottle of water from the lake for future studies.

Of course, such a lake would have its own legends too, and while a possible explanation for the water and the deepness is probably a collapsed volcano from ages past, Jee’ra claims to speak for the rangers that a seven tentacle monster lives in the lake to emerge at night to hunt. Two rangers were lost boating over the lake, and from time to time, carcasses and bones of various animals have been found at the edge of the lake. But if you were here, in the afternoon, watching the light sparkle off the waters of the lake, and hearing the chirp-berk-ha-ha call of a casun bird far above in the branches, you wouldn’t have believed it.






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