Change in the Dropwoods

Dear Aelise,

I met a young ranger by the name of Soleo while he was practicing. The Dropwood rangers are rather proud of their ability to fire arrows over any obstacle and through the smallest hole imaginable. What they hate is gunpowder, which is strange, seeing as how we as a nation have so much reliance on it. I have heard rumours on the street last year that the Reserves are running out of gunpowder, despite production being raised to full capacity. It is a blessing that the conflict has ended, even if it is only temporary.

So I was talking to him while he trained, and we spoke of many things – The birds, the seasons and about the people as well. At the same time, Soleo was firing arrow after arrow into a worn target board. It was quite impressive and very intimidating. I heard he mentioned a ranger who had left the Dropwoods to hunt after Tellions, which is strange, because it is extremely rare for a Dropwoods ranger to leave this place. I have never heard of any who have done so up till today. Even more surprising was that Soleo was thinking about joining this Denaloo. Perhaps even the world is changing in the eternal Dropwoods.


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