A simple letter

9th of Verrasin

Dear Aelise,

I hope this letter reaches you; it is hard to say when out traveling, each message must be sent by various methods: birds, couriers, merchants… But I digress. You requested that I send you my very first letter when I began my travels again, and here it is as promised.

Today, I set out from the Academy, a marvelous building storing the secrets of the old and the wonder of the new. Perhaps when you grow up, you will stand before the massive bronze doors like I did many years ago and wonder at what magic it was to move tons of bronze without the effort of a single man. I will not tell you its secrets, but I believe that it will be easy enough for you to guess. It is a tradition of the Academy to welcome each batch of students in such a manner.

I will be heading towards the East, where the new empire, or was it federation? Anyway, where the Varishah lies, and there I believe that I will discover many new things that I shall enjoy recounting to you.

Oh, do you remember Tat? I forgot to correct you the other time that he isn’t a stoat. He is a weasel. I don’t believe he has changed much since you last saw him, perhaps only fatter from having the Academy cooks fawn over him and feed him a variety of pastries, fruits… This outing however, I plan to slim him down. He is going to have to hunt for his own food.